Materials List

You Provide

Xacto knife                   

Prints of digital work. Budget to purchase several photocopies/prints per Project ($1-3 each). There are a few on campus and local options. Good news! First time we have a copier/scanner in our Visual Resource Center. The new biz hub is operational and any student may scan or print using funds from their Flashcards.


Portfolio to keep and carry your 11×15” work in. Old (clean) briefcases often work, or make it yourself with supplies provided in the studio!

Tool Box/Container of your choice to make storing and transporting your art supplies easy as you will need them with you every day

Regular #2 Pencil to have in your tool box.

Scissors to have in your tool box.

Paint brush for use with acrylic paints. A smallish round or flat brush (synthetic) works well



Rubber Cement (Best Test brand) You can get the smaller can, as refills will be available in the studio.

Containers for water. They can simply be clean reused food containers (yogurt, pudding, sour cream, etc). You will need two.

Rag for cleaning up when painting. Any old, but clean, cotton rag/towel/t-shirt will do.

Found Materials & Miscellaneous supplies: magazines, colored paper, props for some projects

iPad cover of your choice to protect your iPad

As needed for personal use (these items will be distributed and/or provided for shared use in the studio):

Painters/Masking Tape, and any others 

We Provide

(you will need to budget to supplement these materials as needed)

Sharpie markers, circle template, metal ruler, glue stick, pencil eraser, rubber cement eraser, color wheel, acrylic paints (you might have to buy more depending on how you use these), newsprint, tracing paper, Stonehenge paper, scraps of colored paper. While most of these materials are for stocking your own portable tool box, some are for in studio shared use. Please budget to replace exhausted/lost materials and to duplicate shared items for personal use as desired.

NOTE: You will each be given four full sheets of Stonehenge paper throughout the semester. That is all you should need but if, for some reason, you need more, you will be able to purchase it for $2.50/sheet.